Elaria Orchestra, Ikigai

Released, 16th of October, 2022


Winter Flow – Soloist: Lina Lövstrand – flute

Humboldt – Soloist: Jonne Bentlöv – trumpet 

Ikigai – Soloists: Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir – piano, Magnus Dölerud – tenor saxophone

Paso Doble – Soloist: Johan Christoffersson – alto saxophone

Same Wrapping – New Shit – Soloist: Helge Sunde – trombone 

The Crossing – Soloists: Lars Ekman – double bass, Peter Lindhamre – flugelhorn

Sommarnattsvals (Summer Night’s Walz) – Soloists: Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir – piano, Lina Lövstrand – flute 

Berget (The Mountain) – Soloist: Lina Lövstrand – flute 

All compositions made by Erika Hammarberg except Same Wrapping – New Shit composed by Helge Sunde and Winter Flow composed by Lina Lövstrand, arranged by Erika Hammarberg


Erika Hammarberg – composer, conductor 

Johan Christoffersson – alto, soprano saxophone

Lina Lövstrand – flute, alto saxophone

Magnus Dölerud – tenor saxophone, clarinet

Samuel Muntlin – tenor saxophone, clarinet

Emma Josefsson – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Hans Dyvik – trumpet, flugelhorn

Jonne Bentlöv  – trumpet, flugelhorn

Elin Andersson – trumpet, flugelhorn

Peter Lindhamre – trumpet, flugelhorn

Helge Sunde – trombone

Ebba Åsman – trombone

Ella Wennerberg – trombone

Klas Eriksson – bass trombone

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir – piano 

Lars Ekman – double & electric bass

Chris Montgomery – drums

Produced by Erika Hammarberg

Associate Producers: Lina Lövstrand and Magnus Dölerud 

Recording Producer: Örjan Fahlström

Recorded at KMH Studio, Stockholm, Sweden 3-4th of November, 2021

Recording engineers: Magnus Lindström Kolterud, Markus Sjöberg and Erik Metall

Editing engineers: Henrik Langemyr and Magnus Lindström Kolterud

Mixed by Pål Svenre

Mastered by Stockholm Mastering 

Electric programming on Same Wrapping – New Shit made by Helge Sunde 

Graphic design by Siw Löfqvist, FunktionellForm 

Band photo by Josefin Stacy

Cover photo by Henrik Werge  

With support from Swedish Arts Council 


This recording is dedicated to the people who we will always remember with love and gratitude. We would not have been able to create this album without the love, support and beliefs from our families and friends. 

Our special thanks go to Rickard and Rikard!

Thank you all for being a part of our world! 

Erika Hammarberg & Lina Lövstrand